About PAVLU-Complex company


After 1989 the industry for production of PVC and Al windows started in Czechoslovakia almost from the scratch. All production technologies began to be supplied by western countries of Europe. Two of the Czech business partners used this opportunity in 1994, established a company relating to this field of business and began to represent German machine producer - company URBAN in the Czech Republic. In 2002 after agreement of both partners and based on the request of represented German companies, Dr.-Ing. Milos Pavlu, founded the company PAVLU – Complex, s.r.o..

The company PAVLU – Complex Ltd. gained immediately representation of original and few other leading German companies producing machines for manufacturing PVC and Al windows, engaging computer management of productions, production of tools, consumer’s material etc. The employees from former company went to work here and very soon they were able to find, employ and systematically train other top-class experts. Company PAVLU – Complex became dominant company on the Czech market in regards to complex preparation and execution of productions for PVC and Al windows including prime service. Next to the dominance on the Czech market started the company its activities abroad.


The PAVLU-Complex Company is family owned (father Milos plus 2 sons Petr and Pavel) where the aim is to provide long-term partnership to the customers. The company cooperates with reliable partners from the initial phase of the product or technology development and seeks joined solutions. After the implementation of new technology the customers are provided with fast and quality service including the supplies of consumer’s material and spare parts. The staffs of the company have 25 years of experience in the branch.

PAVLU-Complex Company is currently the most significant company on the Czech market in the field of machinery supply for production of uPVC and aluminium windows. The company activities cover up to 17 countries in 4 continents of the world. PAVLU-Complex Company keeps expanding also into the industrial areas mainly due to processing centres for metal and aluminium and CNC bending machines. Other activities are focused on the development and production of own machines and research as the R&D department is the core part of our company. The owners of the company are authors of more than 35 inventions.

PAVLU-Complex Company has sold about 3 800 machines for the manufacturing of uPVC and aluminium windows, machines for manufacturing of insulating glass and special machines for industry. All machines have always been delivered on time and shortly after they were fully commissioned. The company closely cooperates with the top German companies, mainly with the market leader the company U-R-B-A-N, established in 1947. All the staff of PAVLU-Complex Company takes responsibility seriously and looks forward to the new projects. The knowledge and experience of our highly motivated and very well and regularly trained employees grows with each shipped machine.